Develop your HR talent through the Merito Academy

Merito offers a unique traineeship in which you will be involved in the fascinating world of Compensation & Benefits during a period of barely 2 years. Your knowledge and interest for Compensation & Benefits will further grow through various assignments with different companies, an extensive range of trainings and continuous coaching by specialists.

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It’s important to gain knowledge and experience at the start of a career. Through the Merito Academy we will bring you knowledge about payroll, job classifications, different ways to pay out a variable bonus, etc.. In addition we will also train your communication and social skills.

You will mostly follow these training sessions together with other Junior Consultants of the Merito Academy. You will actually learn from each other and expand your network by sharing your professional experience. We also regularly make time for an after-work activity… an extra benefit of the job!

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On the job

You will be working on various assignments during the Merito Academy. During these assignments you will be discovering multiple aspects of a remuneration policy. You will be involved in operational HR tasks such as Payroll and administration, as well as in projects such as making an inventory of all wage benefits or a review of the job classifications within a company. In addition to the skills and knowledge you will get to know different company cultures and industries. You may want to join one of these companies after your traineeship, who knows?

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As a starting professional it’s not obvious to find your way in the corporate jungle. How do I deal with colleagues and managers? How do I resolve certain issues? Together with the client, Merito will offer you the necessary support and coaching.

We can also solve questions about Comp & Ben together with you. If you encounter a problem, you and your client can rely on Merito and its network.

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