Are you looking for an assignment or function in Hard HR?

Compensation & Benefits is a multi-disciplined field at the cross-roads of Human relations, Finance and other business departments. It’s getting more and more attention within companies. Why? Because a good reward package helps to attract and retain good employees and they have become more individualized and specialized. Also because the employee cost is a significant part of a company’s budget. This makes Compensation & Benefits one of the most visible support roles in an organization today.

As a result there is a growing need for well-trained Payroll and Reward profiles. Merito offers talents and experts the opportunity to continue their personal and professional development and to achieve their professional HR ambitions.

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StaHRt your career at Merito!

The Merito HR Talent Academy offers you a two-year development program and guides you along a unique path through all the basics of Hard HR such as Compensation & Benefits, Payroll and Social Legislation. As Junior HR consultant of Merito you will be involved in challenging assignments for our clients in a variety of organizations and industries. During these 2 years you will regularly receive coaching, mentoring and training by highly skilled and experienced Compensation & Benefits professionals. Our training program consists of a personal development (with communication training and personality tests) and a professional development program in which we train your Compensation & Benefits skills.

At the end of this traineeship, we will evaluate your past assignments together and will look at the different career options: a further career as a consultant at Merito, a permanent position at one of your previous clients… it’s all possible.

Work with Merito as consultant

Do you like Payroll, Compensation & Benefits or maybe International Mobility? And do you like a change between your assignments and clients? You are flexible but you expect the necessary guidance and training from your employer? Than a job as Merito consultant will probably appeal to you.

We will align your assignments as well as possible with your competencies and expectations. Are you only interested in Payroll assignments or do you get satisfaction from a variety in HR projects? We will take your expectations into account so you can achieve your professional ambitions in the best way.

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Freelance assignments in line with your expertise

When looking for assignments in “Hard HR”, Merito is the right place for you. We are in close contact with companies that are looking for specialists in Compensation & Benefits, Payroll, Social Law, International Mobility, HR Information Systems, etc. Consultants wanting to combine both Soft and Hard HR will also find interesting assignments in our portfolio.

What can you expect from Merito? By knowing your competencies and expectations, we will align the best assignments with your profile. During your assignment you will not have to worry about correct and timely payment of your invoices. In addition, you can count on our Hard HR knowledge and expertise at any time.

Ready for a new permanent position?

As HR professional you would like the next career step fitting your professional goals. Merito can bring you in contact with various companies which are looking today for dedicated collaborators with HR specializations such as Payroll, Compensation & Benefits, Social Law, International Mobility, HR Information Systems, etc..

Please have a look at our job vacancy section for a vacancy in your field. No worries if you don’t find the function you like. Please send us your most recent CV and let us know what kind of HR functions you’re aiming for. We also like to keep contact with professionals that are not actively searching. You never know when we might meet again.

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